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About Us

ReAlign Insurance Holdings is building a leading specialty program underwriter in the U.S. Management has significant experience on both the carrier and PA side of the business and sees very real demand for an “A” rated, well capitalized new player in the Program Carrier space.

Our Vision

To be the leading primary underwriter of program administrator managed specialty insurance programs in the U.S.

A Brief History of How ReAlign Came to Be


National Lloyds Insurance Company (NLIC) is chartered and licensed as a Texas Lloyds insurance company


American Summit Insurance Company (ASIC) is chartered


Hilltop Holdings acquires NLIC and ASIC


National Lloyds relocates company headquarters from Waco, TX to the downtown Dallas, TX business district and the company renews its focus on low value dwelling, homeowners and mobile homes in the southern half of the United States

June 30, 2020

ReAlign Insurance Holdings, LLC (RIH) acquires NLIC and ASIC from Hilltop Holdings, Inc.

October 2020

RIH forms a Nebraska domiciled E&S company, Summit Specialty Insurance Company (SSIC)

December 2020

RIH withdraws the Lloyds charter for NLIC and converts it to a stock insurance company, renaming and branding as National Summit Insurance Company (NSIC), completing the diverse insurance offering complementing ASIC and SSIC (ASIC, NSIC and SSIC are the ReAlign Group)

June 2021

The ReAlign Group begins to diversify their product offerings with profitable Program Administrator (PA) partners and commences with an earthquake program through Catalytic Risk, a division of Align Financial Holdings, LLC

July 2021

The ReAlign Group receives an affirmation of its AM Best ‘A’ VIII rating

May 2022

The ReAlign Group has partnerships with numerous PA partners and has the capacity to write non-admitted and admitted insurance programs throughout the United States.

Get to Know Our Leadership Team

Grant Lippincott

President, ReAlign Insurance Holdings, LLC

Tim McAuliffe

President, ReAlign Insurance Holdings, Inc.

Kris Castle

Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning

Doug Goode

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Scott Proctor

Vice President of Information Technology

Jay Carleton

Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer

Rodney Kirk

Vice President, Controller

Becky Konczalski

Senior Vice President Program Manager

Joseph Girardi

Senior Vice President, Casualty

Neill Kanji

Assistant Vice President, Business Development & Operations

Jonathan Deutsch

Vice President, Actuarial

Shandra Montalvo

Director of HR